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Campaign Update! $14.5K and almost 75% of our Goal!

Fuel The Learning Web Spark! closing Saturday September 14th!

We’ve raised almost $14,500 of our goal of $20,000!!  Just about $5,500 to go!

Many thanks to those who have donated to our campaign!

There is still time to support a Champion’s challenge and make a donation to the campaign by selecting your Champion from the lower right-hand side of this web page and clicking the “Contribute” Button.

Here’s an update—including a dinner idea, a Tamale Pie recipe!

Check out the challenges that our 23 Champions have undertaken, following their own passions and accomplishing all sorts of great things.

From the Chamberlain Mt.Pleasant Family Cookbook Challenge! This casserole is one of the first things that the Chamberlain Mt.Pleasant children learned to prepare for dinner. It is relatively simple and can be on the table in less than 45 minutes. Add more cheese and spices as desired.     click here for the Tamale Pie recipe . There’s also a yummy guacamole recipe!

Nadine’s snuggly hats are ready  to provide comfort for people undergoing cancer treatment.






Sally’s quilt square honoring her mom is ready to be added to the “Threads of Life” Organ Donor Remembrance Quilt.






Laura has run 90 of her 120 miles so far! She sprained her ankle a couple of weeks ago but she’s back on track!  She feels 30 miles in 10 days is a reachable goal and says, “I’m going to do it!”






Mona and Dale have been walking all over town. Mona has walked 60 miles thus far, exceeding her goal of 50. Dale has walked on 24 days of the campaign and will reach his goal next week!






Ben has taken photos all over Tompkins County and is ready to create his “Ithaca Collage.”






Larry has taken photos of people working all over Tompkins County and he will be creating an “Ithaca Working Collage.”






The “Biking Gals” are in Auxerre, France and will be reporting back on their biking in the French countryside upon their return!

Yoga Champs, Weight-lifting Champs, Mountain-biking Champs, pizza-tasting Champs, Spanish language Champs etc etc are all putting in their big push before the Campaign closes on Saturday September 14th.

Support our Champs —  Support The Learning Web’s youth programs  

Contribute Today!

With Gratitude,
Fuel The Learning Web Spark! Team

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Mid-campaign Update: $12,000+ and 60% of our goal!!

Fuel The Learning Web Spark! has raised $12,000 of our goal of $20,000!! 

We are half way through our campaign and we have raised almost 60% of our goal.

Not only have we been generating donations but our Champions have been busy meeting their challenges.   Check out what your fellow Champions have accomplished:

5,000 yards, 200 lengths of a pool have been swum in 1 hour and 50 minutes, meeting this Champs personal hope of under 2 hours! Pictured at her swim on August 5th at 6:30 AM.

Swimmingly Successful!


5 out of 10 hand-knit wool hats have been made for clients of the Cancer Resource Center.


100 portraits of campers were taken at  Southside’s Community Unity Music & Education (CUMEP) summer camp.  Spending a wonderful 2 mornings at the camp, this photojournalist and Champion had a fabulous time following the exuberant campers as they rotated through amazing arts and music activities and generally had a fun time!


30,000 lbs. have been lifted by our weightlifting Champion!  Yes, 30,000 lbs.!  She’s well on her way (weigh) to meeting her challenge.


50 pistachio halves have had a hole poked into them in preparation for stringing on the pistachio shaker musical instrument.


9 days of healthy meals were cooked by 3 year old Oliver and his Mom.  Oliver liked “breakfast for dinner” best, but also enjoyed kale smoothies (they were good!), grilled tuna sandwiches and salad, a barbecue night with chicken & veggies kebabs and grilled corn, and a burrito night!

A Chef in the Making!


12 walks have been completed by our walking Champions. On one walk, our Champions ran into a Youth Outreach participant and chatted about her progress in the program.


86 miles have been biked.  Our Champion took this self-portrait on his ride around Owasco Lake.  This Champion looks like he’s having way too much fun!

A pit-stop while biking around Owasco Lake


40 photos of people working have been taken—working on roofs, in stores, operating construction equipment all over town.


14 pizza places in Brooklyn and Manhattan were sampled over the course of 2 days with ratings and reviews for other pizza-lovers.

DiFaro in Brooklyn wins a perfect score!

We welcomed 2 new Champion teams this past week.

2 out of 30 bike rides have been completed by our newest “Biking Gals.”  The second ride brought our Champs to Goose Pond Farm in Rhode Island where one of the owners, Nancy, helped document their progress. She is going to donate too!!! Nancy wants to find an apprenticeship program like The Learning Web around there!

Riding to Goose Pond Farm!


25 family recipes will be gathered by our newest Champion team.  The recipes, along with family stories and photos related to the dishes will be included in a family cookbook that  this mother-daughter (and Learning Web past apprentice!) team have set as their challenge.

If you are interested in joining the fun,

  • Become a Champion!
  • Support a Champion!
Check in again for more tales from the Champions



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$15,289 raised
$20000 goal

Tompkins County, New York
23 Champions
273 Contributions
Campaign Complete.